That’s right – Dressember now lasts all year long!

The Dressember Foundation announced an extension of its campaign for all individual advocates this year. Instead of a month-long sprint to the finish line, we’ve got the option to spend the entire year drumming up support for this fantastic cause. As you might have guessed, I jumped on this opportunity. If you’re feeling generous, go ahead and make your donation here.

Now, does this mean you’ll be subjected to my dress selfies all year long? Uh, no – frankly, an entire month of taking a picture a day wears on a girl. It does mean that I’ll be using both this campaign page and my website to promote the cause and benefit women, other victims of human trafficking, and my fellow writers along the way.

Everyone deserves a shot at writing – or rewriting – their own story. I fundraise for Dressember because I think we all have the right and the responsibility to help those who have been deprived of that opportunity. Through my editorial services and social media, I’m spreading the word about this fantastic organization and all it does for equally amazing humans around the globe.

Writers: stay tuned for affordable creative assistance and book reviews, or subscribe to my Reviews and Rants so you can have nifty writing tips delivered right to your inbox.

You can also follow the story and get the latest on special offers or promos here: OR

I’m so thrilled to take this step further into the Dressember campaign effort, and hope you all will join me at some point this year! In the meantime, as always, write like a boss: from pen to fin.

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